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  1. rideablackhorse said: Candy!!
  2. curlyhairedpeartree said: Pink bear is so cute!
  3. bluenanah said: candyyy
  4. outerinnerspace said: i love candy but the other two seem more convenient.
  5. fiorelune said: candy!
  6. my-little-underground said: c
  7. hopclover said: i’d say candy but it looks like it could break depending on how careful you are as a person with cell phones, if not blue clouds
  8. jujerbuttz said: CANDY omg that is amazing
  9. fruitsgarden said: BLUECLOUDS!
  10. sabotengirl said: pink bear!
  11. ontheedgeofdarkness said: Pink Bear. Candy is cute as well, but I think it would become annoying to hold eventually.
  12. eeatmyshorts said: pink bear is PERFECT
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