My visa has been extended by three years. Our lawyer is amazing.

I wish I could happily share this news with my family, but they’ll just be upset that I won’t be returning to live in the United States. With my Japanese improving and expecting our first baby, I truly need to feel grounded. Japan very much feels like home now and it took a long time to overcome culture shock, homesickness, and grow accustomed to the pace of life. I simply couldn’t return to the type of life I had before and my family just doesn’t understand why I wouldn’t want to live in the states. Maybe if they were in my shoes and viewing the country from outside. The U.S. seems so messed up when you’re living abroad. It’s so much easier to see.

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  1. townfulloflosers said: as a fellow Tokyo-ite, I’m glad that we get to have you to appreciate Japanese culture for another 3 years! :)
  2. pentamerous said: The U.S. looks pretty messed up from the inside too, lol. ;)
  3. la-vie-de-voyou said: the US seems messed up because it is messed up! living elsewhere is the way to go, really
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