Green Beans in a Creamy Mushroom Sauce
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Coral: flowers of the ocean.

Avril Lavigne’s ‘Hello Kitty’ song is already playing in the shopping malls and I live in Yokohama (didn’t expect it so soon, not being in Tokyo). Kai said his co-workers like the song a lot too. She is rather popular here. I think it’s kind of funny that so many people take offense on behalf of other people without even getting their opinion on it in the first place. People are going to like the music they like. You don’t need to have an immediate gut reaction to it before everybody else. Feels like everyone is competing to be the first to be offended.

Me personally, I think the song is just damned annoying, but I don’t like pop music to begin with. KA KA KA KAWAII~ Phonetically, the way she says it sounds grating, but I struggle with speaking as well, so I won’t judge.

Fancy cakes for our play date this afternoon. Penelope stuck her finger in the chocolate, so that one is ours, haha.

She has the play place all to herself for now. :P

I make Penelope’s coloring sheets.


White Stripes in the back room of Club Shinjuku Jam, Tokyo, to an audience of 10–20 people, in their first Japanese tour.


Healthy eating!