She really embraces her creativity when we are stuck inside on a rainy day.


Detail from Portrait of a Woman by Nicolas de Largillière


By Apolline à Paris.


Honeybee & Borage flowers in my organic garden after it rained ♡
photographed by Cora Midkiff

Home just in time to read Halloween books with Penny!

I made macaroni and ham gratin for dinner. :)

I’m on a historical dramas binge… I need something to listen to while studying. When it’s quiet, I can’t concentrate. Must be because I always have a little squawking parrot child running around. ;)

Anyway… my favorites so far have been Rome, The Tudors, The Borgias, and Penny Dreadful. I’d like to watch more, but can always use suggestions.


One Big Amanita by mghornak on Flickr.